Can embroidery be added to the masks?

Yes—we can do embroidery with a minimum order quantity of 250 masks. There is a $75.00 embroidery deposit. This deposit will be credited back to the bulk order. Please prepare an image with a non-white background specifying color of intended monogram.

How long does it take to ship masks?

It depends on the order. Bulk quantities of in-stock style without customization such as embroidery can ship as early as 1 week from the date payment is made. Customized orders with embroidery take 4-6 weeks depending on production capacity status.

What is the minimum order quantity for bulk orders?

Bulk orders start at 50 masks for $675. We can offer tiered pricing for different quantities and we’re happy to discuss if you provide further details about your order needs.

Can I order a sample before placing a full bulk order?

We understand the need for sampling and we’re happy to help make arrangements. Due to high demand, however, we’re unable to offer free samples. Sample prices are the same as our regular mask prices. The amount spent on samples can be credited back to your full order should you choose to move forward with it. Contact us to get started.

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